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The bank product Astro finance offers a possibility to accelerate the loan payment. Direct banks are particularly fast in the loan processing and often guarantee the loan payment after only two to three days. Conclusion: The credit-based loan offer of Eicredit is fair and can help pensioners to fulfill their wishes to an appropriate extent. If the credit rating is insufficient, the Eicredit automatically adjusts the maximum possible loan amount. From which payment period does it depend?

Duration of the credit memo request

Duration of the credit memo request

In fact, a credit on the network usually takes only a few moments. In the comparison portal and on the websites of many credit institutions, users are guided through the input mask after their credit requirements have been determined. He must specify his personal details there and state his professional, income and payment obligations. The loan application can then be initiated.

The duration is ultimately dependent on the user.

The duration is ultimately dependent on the user.

As a rule, only the most necessary information is retrieved, so that the research effort and the search are limited. Also the answer or the offer takes place after the inquiry within a few moments – thus promptly. Frequently, an already completed loan application is made available and available at the same time as the provision of a loan on which dates immediately available for download.

Optionally, he can also be sent by post, which then takes one to two working days. The application must then be signed and returned to the house bank together with the required supporting documents. This is usually still by mail and still takes one to two working days. That’s the actual loan request.

Postal delivery is also necessary if you still have to identify yourself as a new customer. This is done through the PostIdent procedure with a suitable form in a post office to go to. This requires more time. Only then can the actual loan application be submitted and the loan application period becomes longer. Some institutions now use the VideoIdent authentication method directly on the monitor.

Once the loan application and the documents have been received, the house bank will check them. Some institutions promise an audit on the day of receipt. Often, two to three days pass from application to payment, otherwise the process can take two to three months, depending on how time-consuming the review is and how the processes run.

Therefore, a certain amount of time must be allowed on the Internet for the duration of the credit inquiry.

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