Bank cancellation, because loan amount too small.

Unlike the bank, Credit-mono already has loans starting from 200 USD!

Unlike the bank, Credit-mono already has loans starting from 200 USD!

Anyone who wants to take out a small loan of a few hundred USD at his bank is usually rejected. Such small loans are not lucrative enough for banks. This is also the reason why most banks do not offer any loans below $ 2,000. This business conduct of the banks is by no means customer-friendly, because they force the loan seeker to higher loan amounts. With higher amounts of credit than necessary, consumers are driven even more into debt by banks, which is highly questionable.

But what to do if you only need 500 or 1,000 USD?

Swiss voucher credit as alternatives to the bank!

Swiss voucher credit as alternatives to the bank!

On the other hand, Credit-mono has long been offering credit customers small loans of a few hundred USD.

Loan already from 200 USD and without Credit bureau!

The Swiss financial institution Credit-mono believes that consumers should only lend as much money as they actually need. This leaves their debt burden small enough to service the repayments. If it turns out that the money is insufficient, there is the possibility of a flexible credit increase. There is always the option to repay the loan early.

And then there is another difference to the bank : Even loans without Credit bureau information are possible!

Conclusion: With Credit-mono there are small loans from 200 USD, even without Credit bureau!

The internet loan request is simple and customer friendly: it takes less than five minutes to complete the complete online form. After submitting your loan application, you can sit back and let Credit-mono get the job done. The specialists from Credit-mono then look for optimal financing for up to 20 different banks in Germany and abroad.

Only three requirements have to be met:

  1. You must be of legal age.
  2. You are a resident and have an account in Germany.
  3. Their income is sufficient for servicing the installments and is ideally over 1,000 USD per month.

If all three conditions are fulfilled, get your free and non-binding credit offer here:

Unlike any regular bank, Credit-mono negotiates every loan request with up to 20 domestic and foreign banks to present the best loan offer to the client. Otherwise, if the customer asks a bank for a loan, they will only receive the offer from that bank!

In order to benefit from the same advantage with Credit-mono, the loan seeker would have to audition at 20 banks! In addition, Credit-mono is simpler and, unlike the bank, also provides debt-free loans. Nevertheless, for a loan without Credit bureau request – so the loan without Credit bureau secret – over 90% of all cases a normal loan is feasible!

What few credit seekers know:

  1. Expensive loans can be replaced without the consent of the house bank and replaced by cheaper loans!
  2. From now on, Credit-mono arranges loans without Credit bureau up to 7,500 USD. Anyone who fulfills the credit requirements without Credit bureau can now top up existing loans without Credit bureau.
  3. Credit-mono has been ranked number 1 in Swiss credit ranking for months.
  4. Opportunity for tenants without equity: The Swiss voucher loan enables real estate loans without equity and bad Credit bureau!
  5. Credit-mono’s entrepreneurial loan has been ranked number one in the bridging loan ranking for months.


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