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You are looking for an apartment and need the information from the credit bureau as soon as possible to prove your creditworthiness. There is also the opportunity to get informed for free – we’ll show you what options you have and how you can view information for landlords online. Order the credit check online, it is a little faster. The base note contained in the credit bureau information indicates the likelihood that a tenant will meet his payment obligations. There you will receive a loyalty card and can call up your rake / score at any time of day or night, ask questions and receive detailed information.

Directions: credit bureau for landlords

Most apartment seekers know it – most landlords want to have proof that their future resident is solvent. There is the credit bureau credit rating information, not to be confused with your own information. The credit information only contains information that is important for the provider. This job information is now available online through the post office and apartment search portals Immobiliencout24 and real estate agents.

What’s next: or or credit bureau. The credit check is endowed with 29.95 USD. If you want to download the information online or – in the specialist portals – via the e-mail sent you reference, you must identify yourself with your identity card number. This information includes a verification code that allows the owner to verify its authenticity for 60 days.

You can bring the credit report for 29.95 USD in 130 branches of the bank and some Volkswagen Financial Services – even for other banks (store finder at meinecredit – bring the same. You can also contact the credit bureau personally. On meinecredit one finds the template for information by letter (for 29.95 USD). Please send the completed form to the credit bureau Group, PO Box 10 25 66, 44725 Ruhr.

Order the credit check online, it is a little faster. In a few days she will be in the mail. Alternatively, you can request the form by phone (06 11/9 27 80, Monday to Friday, 8 to 19 clock) or by letter. Once a year you are entitled to free information in accordance with the 34 Federal Data Protection Act – in the vernacular credit bureau Financial Regulation – with all personal data stored about your person.

Request credit bureau information

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Whether new accommodation or opening a new account and requesting a loan, a self-declaration at the credit bureau (protection association for general credit protection) is almost always required in financial transactions. Although the banks and lenders themselves inquire about the creditworthiness of their clientele, it is often the case with a new property that the new tenant requests and transmits credit bureau information.

Even if the application for the credit bureau credit report for each consumer under 34 BDSG is free of charge once a year (and each additional fee is charged), it is not so easy for the consumer to find the application form on the credit bureau website: Net researched to credit bureau gratuitously, one is led on equal two sides of the credit bureau, on which the consumer finds the free Benttragen only slightly.

All offers for private and business customers can be viewed on the website The credit bureau information should be available on the “correct” website www.meinecredit free of charge for private individuals, but the way there is far. 1. Choose www.meinecredit and do not pay attention to the colorful advertising blocks with embroidery photos, which want to distribute the paid information.

Select the top menu item “Information” or scroll to the bottom of the page: In the footer is the heading “Data overview according to 34 Federal Data Protection Act” – please click on the yellow link below: into the form. On the “form page” you can either scroll to the link on the left “Data overview according to 34 Federal Data Protection Act” in the “Products” area or on the last line of the list and in the same fifth field from the top click on the button “More info & order” 4 to press.

Another tab is opened, which compares 2 credit bureau information, which has a “chargeable” green tick and can be used if it is really very fast. This one will be online. Click again on the button “Order now” 5 An information page with illustrated flags appears:

With a click on your flag / your country of origin you will receive the correct form, which you can send to the credit bureau. But be careful when filling out the form, because in a gray box you can order a credit bureau subscription for a fee. For information, please refer to the form.

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